Board Member Elections

Board Member Elections for 2018 / 19


If you are interested on serving on our Section Board, the 2018/19 election process will begin in March.  Follow the “Section Officer Duties” link below to read about Section Officer duties and the election process. 


2018 Election Process

March 1 – Chairman appoints nominating committee

March 1 – begin accepting nominations to the committee

May 15 – nominating committee reports nominations at Section Meeting

June 19 – voting concludes

July 1 – Headquarters Notified of newly elected officers.


The following positions are filled for the 2017/2018 fiscal year:

Chairman – Brian Whitehead – P66

Vice Chair – Wade Williamson – Enterprise

Secretary – Blain Shellhammer – Pond

Treasurer – Christopher Stegall – Colonial

Trustee – Dean Lioliou – Matcor

There are other positions available that are selected by the Board instead of holding elections.  If you are interested, speak with a board member. The Incoming Chairman will be selecting people for these positions.

Program Chair, Education / Career Development to name a few / Public Relations. 

Section Officer Duties

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