Board Member Elections

Board Member Elections for 2022 / 2023


If you are interested on serving on our Section Board, the 2022/23 election process will begin in March 2022.  Follow the “Section Officer Duties” link below to read about Section Officer duties and the election process. 


2022 Election Process

This information will be posted when it becomes available.


The following positions are filled for the 2021/2022 fiscal year:

Chairman – Brian Whitehead – Enterprise

Vice Chair – Blaine Shellhammer – Pond

Secretary – Steve Woodie – Chevron

Treasurer –

Trustee – Todd Bowden – Corrosion Coatings Systems LLC

There are other positions available that are selected by the Board instead of holding elections.  If you are interested, speak with a board member. The Incoming Chairman will be selecting people for these positions.

Program Chair, Education / Career Development to name a few / Public Relations. 

Section Officer Duties


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