Monthly Meeting Schedule

Please note that some meetings are being scheduled in alternate locations.  these will be noted immediately after the date.

DATE                                                 SPEAKER/s                                                              TOPIC

July 20, 2021                              American Innovations                                             Remote Monitoring

                                                                                  Sponsored by International Paint               

August 17, 2021 –                      Dennis Janda                                                      An Introduction to In Line Cathodic Protection Current Measurement

                                                                        Central Area Conference is August 4th, click HERE for more information

                                                                        Eagle ford Short Course is August 25th, click HERE for more information

September 21, 2021 –               Speaker and Topic Pending

October 19, 2021 –                    Speaker and Topic Pending

                                                                   Corrosion Technology Week is October 17th, Click HERE for more information

November 16, 2021-                Speaker and Topic Pending            

                                                                      SHOOTOUT Scholarship Fundraiser November 12, 2022

                                                                                                     click here for more information 

December 2022 –                  No section meeting this month

                                                                   December 13th, NACE New Orleans Education Week          

January 18, 2022 –                 


February 15, 2022                   Speaker and Topic Pending


March 15, 2022 –                     Section Officer Nominations Due / No meeting due to AAMP Conference

                                                                                      Click HERE for more information

April 19, 2022-                  

May 17, 2022 –                  

June 21, 2022 –                  Begin new fiscal year, New Section Officers installed


July 2022                             


August 2022 –                          

September 2022-                  

October 2022                  

November 2022



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